Manhunt International Manhunt 2018

Manhunt Philippines 2018

Jeffery Langan (Jeff Langan), a 25-year old Filipino-American model and actor, is Manhunt Philippines 2018.


Manhunt Philippines 2018 can very well say that modeling has been his life. As a 7-month-old bundle of joy, he appeared in a commercial for a hospital. As a teenager, he signed with world-renowned Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York. Part of his portfolio was an Abercrombie and Fitch campaign, which was helmed by celebrated fashion photographer Bruce Weber.

Though Jeff is now based in Los Angeles, he continues to do modeling gigs, and still appears in print campaigns and commercials.


As a model, Jeff takes his job seriously. He has always been known to be a professional. He knows by heart the rigors of his work, so he takes care of his fitness earnestly. Aside from his gym routines, he keeps himself fit through surfing and hiking.


He also loves traveling and adventures. He enjoys spontaneous road trips to places that he has not visited yet. In the Philippines, he has been to Boracay, Siargao, and Palawan. One activity that he has recently engaged in is diving. In a latest visit to Palawan, he explored its underwater gems, including a shipwreck.


Jeff has always cherished his Filipino roots. He knows how to cook! It was his mother, from Northern Philippines, who taught him how to prepare Filipino dishes. Jeff hopes to start a career in the Philippines after years of modeling in the US, by being an actor.


For now, however, his eyes are set on that Gold Coast stint on December 2. He has been preparing for all aspects of the competition. He recognizes the pressure to give the country its second win in the contest, but also acknowledges how his participation here could help him with his goals. Certainly, this is the start of new and better life for him.


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Manhunt UK 2018

Manhunt International Manhunt 2018


JACK ANTHONY HESLEWOOD BEng (Hons), a 27-year old rocket scientist, is Manhunt UK 2018. He is a Stanford Business Alumni and an Entrepreneur. He stands 1.91 meters tall. He lives in a town in the county of Hertfordshire & works in the capital city of London.


Jack started his Engineering studies in the University City of Cambridge & completed his Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Kingston University where he gained the Honours initials after his name BEng (Hons). With his keen interest in business he completed a business diploma at Stanford University.

Jack has a great passion in keeping his body fit. He is a keen runner, swimmer, and cyclist. He decided to take part in IRONMAN Switzerland on his 25th Birthday and after training for only a few months, he completed the intense triathlon in a great time. He loves playing the drums that he has mastered to a high level.


Jack is no stranger to this type of competition. He won the title of Mr. Hertfordshire 2017-2019 and represented his home county in the Mr. England National Final 2017. He is now the Deputy Mr. England 2017-2019. He has judged and hosted many regional contests.


Jack would love to reach his ultimate dream of being an international model. He has modeled for a high-end fashion house on catwalk and commercial in England. He appreciates his opportunity to compete in this prestigious event and is delighted to represent United Kingdom at Manhunt International 2018.


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Manhunt Spain 2018

Manhunt International Manhunt 2018


VICENT LLORACH, a 23-year old fashion model and educator, is Manhunt Spain 2018. He stands 1.92 meters tall. He lives in a town in Castellón, Peñiscola and studies in a city in the east coast of Spain named Valencia.


Vicent finished two higher training modules in Sports Science in Spain. He wanted to further his studies that’s why he is now taking education course major in Early Childhood Education at the University of Valencia. He only have a final course left before his graduation.

He works as personal trainer in a gym apart from his routinary physical activities and exercise. He loves playing basketball as well.


Manhunt Spain speaks two native languages, namely, Spanish and Catalan. He is an outgoing person—he likes meeting new people. He also loves traveling, discovering new cultures, and learning so much from different adventures.


Vicent is more particular about reaching his ultimate dream to become an international model. He enjoys fashion modeling, doing photoshoots, and walking in the runway. He is very excited in joining Manhunt International 2018 to meet other people who share the same passion with him. He looks forward to seeing him in some of the top advertising brands and international fashion shows.


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Tinh Ngoc Truong Manhunt International Manhunt 2017

Manhunt International 2017 Leads Phan Nguyen Fashion Show 2018

Manhunt International Events

HANOI, VIETNAM – Manhunt International 2017 Tinh Ngoc Truong showed off his supermodel status as he led the catwalk for Fashion Show #TheInvention 2018 featuring the MEN WEAR PHAN NGUYEN last 20 September 2018 held at at the Hotel De I'Opera, Hanoi, Vietnam.


In the event, everybody had an opportunity to admire the elegant, yet very young and dynamic designs of Phan Nguyen for the men's fashion show called “The Invention Fashion Show.”


Based on the mainstream color tones for men such as black, purple, yellow brown, moss green, and gray, Phan Nguyen's designers have skillfully combined with the latest fashion trends in the world in order to provide customers with the most perfect product for the autumn of 2018.


Along with the launch of the autumn collection, The Invention Fashion Show is also a chance for Phan Nguyen to announce the brand new “ELEGANT” for the middle segment. Forecasting ELEGANT show, it will become a star in the fashion village of Vietnam with the sophisticated designs, elegant in high-grade materials with a wide format suitable for men over 35 years old.


The event also gathered many big names in the modeling world, actors, and singers such as runner Huyen My, supermodel Ha Vy, singer Que Van, actor Viet Anh, Dan le, hot girl Tam tit, singer Bang Cuong, and our very own Manhunt International 2017—Tinh Ngoc Truong.

Manhunt International 2018 to be held in Gold Coast, Australia

Manhunt International Announcement

Rosko Dickinson, Executive President of Manhunt International Organization, today announced that Gold Coast, Australia, will be the new host city for the 2018 Edition of Manhunt International.

The Manhunt International World Final host country was recently announced to be held in Vietnam in March 2019. It has now become apparent over the past three months that the application process for the government permit is going to take much longer than we had been advised, and there is a very strong chance the scheduled time frame of March 2019 might not be possible. With this in mind and to make sure our National Directors and Supporters are not disadvantaged we have made the following important decisions:

The Good News:

The 2018 World Final will now be held on the fabulous Gold Coast, Australia from Monday 26th November to Sunday 2nd December.

The first ever Manhunt International World Final was held in 1993 in Gold Coast and it’s fitting that 25 years later it returns to the place where it was born.

The official hotel is already confirmed and will be the magnificent Q1 Resort & Spa – Gold Coast. Special accommodation rates are available to family and friends if they visit and enter the discount booking code MAN18. All other events are being planned and the itinerary will be finalized in September. Expect to see Australian favorites including Kangaroos, Surfing, BBQ and Beach activities.

More Good News:

It’s very rare that any pageant can plan for two years, but by making this change everyone can forward plan with confidence for the 2019 Manhunt International World Final. The change and rescheduling means that the 2019 World Final will now be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in November 2019.

This is the first time in the history of Manhunt International, and possibly all other Male and Female Competitions, that two World Final dates and host countries have been announced together.

The World Final Details Are:

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - Monday 26th November to Sunday 2nd December 2018
HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM – November 2019