21st Edition - WINNER

Lochie Carey



Manhunt International Male Supermodel 2022, Lochie Carey, is a 23-year old Model/actor from Melbourne Australia.


Before Modeling, Lochie worked in the sales industry and was at one point selling cars after leaving his 7 year job through school at a bicycle store. He then moved into the creative industry to pursue videography and editing. 


Lochie was scouted to start modeling late in 2018 and made the jump in front of the lens, he has been modeling ever since. Known well for his work in the book industry as a cover model, Lochie remains the most sold cover model in Australia and has been sighted at book signings around the globe. Lochie also has worked in runway, commercial, and fashion. Lochie has also worked as an actor in music videos and short films.


Being very passionate about music, Lochie produces trance/techno events in Melbourne and is constantly doing different kinds of work while balancing modeling.

In mid 2018 Lochie began his fitness journey in the hopes to improve his physical and mental health, and now maintains his physique for work and keep his instagram audience up to date with his journey to inspire and educate others to make a change.


Lochie is passionate and preaches authenticity in all walks of life. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, we all deserve respect and to be treated equally. Lochie wants to use his platform and reign as manhunt International to spread positivity and self belief to everyone.


“I have spent so many years of my life believing I was only ever as good as second best. Manhunt has been the wake up call and spark I needed to believe that no matter who we are, we are all capable of anything we put our minds to.” “The only thing stopping us, is our own doubt.”