1993 - WINNER

Thomas Sasse



The winner of the first international event was Mr. Thomas Sasse from Berlin, Germany. He is a 26-year-old, 1.90m, a Masters degree undergraduate in economics at Berlin University.

After he won, Thomas traveled to Southeast Asia, Europe, USA and Australia for modelling. He also appeared on several top magazine covers. At present he is one of Germany's top models.

Although he enjoys modelling, Thomas claims he can't do it forever as he needs something to fall back on. Money earned is a form of independence and modelling will not be enough.

Thomas describes himself as an ordinary boy next door guy who likes to have a mix of everything, "I like going out but I also enjoy staying at home with a good book," he says. True to his down-to-earth personality, Thomas puts his title in very practical terms.

"It's a great career move, during my university holidays maybe I can pick up some extra money by modelling," he says. And what does he like in a woman? Well, she should be intellectual and beautiful.