Manhunt International Announcement, Manhunt 2019


Rosko Dickinson, Executive President of Manhunt International Organization today made the following announcement regarding the MANHUNT INTERNATIONAL 2019 WORLD FINAL:

As you probably are aware the Manhunt International 2019 World Final was scheduled to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in November 2019. Unfortunately, over the past months it has become very apparent that the application process for the government permit will take much,

much longer than I had been originally advised. Furthermore, the host organizer in Vietnam cannot provide me with a solid guarantee that the government permit required to host the World Final will be forthcoming, and as such there is a very strong chance Vietnam won’t be in a position to host the 2019 World Final.

With this in mind, and to make sure our many valued National Directors and supporters are not disadvantaged I have made the decision to cancel our agreement with Vietnam and pursue other options. I can tell you now I am already in negotiations with interested parties and are confident we will be in a position to announce the new 2019 host country very soon. I am even more confident that the eventual successful bidder and new host country will provide a memorable World Final that will leave us with memories that we will talk about for many years to come.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement.


Manhunt became International in 1993 when Rosko Dickinson and Alex Liu joined forces with a dream to offer the men of the World a platform to showcase their talents. The first ever Manhunt International World Final was held in Australia in 1993 with 25 contestants.

Manhunt International wears the crown as the largest and longest running male modelling contest in the world, and has been franchised to more than 70 countries worldwide.

It is open to aspiring male models between the ages of 18 to 35 years old and provides them with a platform to launch their international modelling career. Contestants are judged on their catwalk and runway skills, photogenic ability, personality, and physical attributes.

Since it was established in 1993, the contest has been hosted in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Kind Regards

Rosko Dickinson
Executive President – Manhunt International